The best images require the best production tools.  Terrazas Video has an extensive inventory of production equipment. We feature Arriflex and Mole Richardson lighting, Mathews Grip and Colortran Gaffer Equipment.  The following is a brief sampling of equipment available for your project.  Contact us if you have unique production equipment requirements.


Mathews Grip Equipment:

C-Stands, Combo Stands, Baby Stands, Lite-weights, Hi Boys, Clamps & Rigging


Mathews Light Control:

Overheads, 12 x 12 Frames, Butterflies, Flags, Silks & Nets, Cutters, Frames, Cuculoris, Dot & Fingers, Reflectors, Wood


Colortran Gaffer Equipment:

Dimmer Packs

Power Distribution

Dimmer Boards


Arri Lighting:

100, 200, 650, 1k & 2k Fresnels,

100 HMIs

Mole Richardson Lighting:

200, 1k & 2k Fresnels & Open Face, 1K, 2K & 4K Zips, Par 36 & 64, Brutes

Colortran Lighting:

620, 1k & 2k Open Face, 575 & 1200 HMIs

Lowell Lighting:

Tota Kits, I-Lights, Flex-Fills


Camera Support Equipment:

Sachtler & O’Conner Stick Set (with High Hat, Baby Legs, Sawed-off, Standard Legs, Long-Legs, Mitchell Bases & Ball Bases)

Sachtler Video 14 & Video 18 Fluid Heads

O’Conner 35, 50, 100 & 200 Fluid Heads

Mathews Doorway Dolly

Skate-Board Wheels

Elemack Spyder Dolly

Dolly Track (Straight, Curve & Half )

8’ and 10’ Jib Arms

Mitchell Risers

Speed Rail