Post Production

Our multi-format AVID Media Composer post-production suite offers the latest in high definition effects and graphics.  But quality editing is more than effects, it is the ability to transform your footage into a complete package. Let us help you design a production that entertains your target audience and effectively conveys your message.


Edit Bay One is a spacious, comfortable work area equipped with the latest gear and an experienced operator.  This bay directly interfaces to our audio studio and multi-format video deck matrix. With this configuration  you can directly input your elements,  without image degrading format conversions.

Because image quality, speed and flexibility are important to our clients, Terrazas Video exclusively uses Avid editing software.  In post-production, our intent is to facilitate your creative process. We do this by offering the latest tools and relaxed editing environment. We work with you to realize your vision. Our greatest asset is the ability become your creative partner when transforming your concept and footage into a final production.



All too often, audio is an afterthought of the production process. Not at Terrazas Video, we strive for sonic excellence.  It starts in our 10’ x 20’ acoustically isolated sound room.  Your 24 bit music, narration or foley tracks can be recorded to hard drive, time code DAT or ADAT.  For smaller budgets, our clients have access to the complete Valentino Sound Effects Library, a 50 CD library which includes everything from jet fly-overs to a pin drop.   We also have a large collection of the latest “needle-drop” and “non-needle drop” production music